Tenant application process

Tenant application process

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in a room at Walter Road. We pride ourselves on great tenants like you. So we look forward to welcoming you into the house and letting you make yourself at home.

This process usually takes about 5 business days, depending on the speed you submit information to us and Paragon.

The steps:

  1. You view the room, and decide you love it.
  2. We have a quick chat by WhatsApp video call or similar
  3. You pass your full name and email address to us
  4. We send you an application form online to your email
  5. You fill in the form, submitting some information to us for our records
  6. You pay the first weeks rent to hold the room (for 2 weeks)
  7. We send a request to the House Shop and their agents for a credit and right to rent check to be done
  8. You submit more information to their secure servers (we don’t see any of this) and wait 2 business days while they check everything
  9. Once passed, we ask you the exact date you want to move in
  10. We send you a lease agreement to sign via email again
  11. You sign lease agreement
  12. You pay balance of first months rent plus either insurance or security deposit
  13. We prepare room and you organise to collect the keys.
  14. On the day one month after you move in, the following month, you pay pro rated rent up to 1st as per the calculation here.